and lust after.

Tam had a couple posts yesterday about the strange cravings she has, and I have some similar sources of covetousness.

I have put my hands on a handful of firearms in my life, not being a serious collector, and I’m well on my way to having- or making- the stuff I want

Most of my desires run to long guns, my short game being not my strong point. And there are those “necessity” long guns, like a 44 mag chambered Marlin 336. I made that one out of a 30-30 336 and a bunch of spare parts; it’s a little crude but it can shoot moment of deer. Also, my Charles Daly/Traditions muzzleloader, required for hunting in the hoosier state and in Illinois. These are both firearms I would not otherwise own, but I like them just fine.

No, there are a handful of firearms I want and intend eventually to have, and here is my short list.

22. I think the Browning Auto-22 in all it’s incarnations is the pinnacle of the firearm manufacturers art. I have one of the Remington Speedmaster versions. it was made when my father was a small child. it is in incredible condition for it’s age, and it shoots like a house afire. The Auto-22 version is also an incredible shooter. I regularly take mine to 22 matches and beat the pants off guys wiht full tactical hypermodified bull barreled 10-22 rifles.

30 carbine. I have one that’s just plain pretty. It’s not a military rifle, it’s a postwar civillian version. It came with the ugliest stock ever, and a stamped steel trigger group. I replaced the stock and trigger group, and the stock has thirty-odd coats of Minwax Antique Oil Finish. It looks like a million bucks. I love love love shooting it. I also love my reproduction m4 bayonet, which fits my carbine like a dream.

I have a Harry McGowan Interarms mauser in 30-06. It isn’t what I’d call “bespoke” but it is at the upper end of the market as far as quality is concerned. if I were to replace it, it
would be the same caliber, but it would have to be a Rigby rifle or something from one of the old German makers.

I want a fine double in 16 or 20 gauge. Ideally, a Dominion grade Holland and Holland. I’ve seen them in the $8k range. Failing that, a Purdey, or at the very least, a Parker-Hale. I don’t want anything any more modern than 1930.

I want a nice A-5 in Sweet Sixteen. I don’t care if it’s perfect when I get it, I don’t mind rebluing it, I don’t want a collectible, I want a finely made Browning designed shotgun.

I have a nice double; I want two more. I want to build a 44 magnum double on a leFever forged receiver. I want a big thumping double in 500 or 577.

I want a Harry Pope Rifle. I don’t care which one, though I would love to put my hands on one of the pope-ballards in 25-20.

Those are the principle lusts I have, or had, until Tam pointed out that the BLR was available in 35 Whelen, which is a cartridge I’ve lusted after for a while It would be better if it was available in the Savage 99, the “other” conventional magazine levergun (and, in my mind, the most beautiful), but to have a 35 whelen levergun? I’d ‘Settle” for the BLR.