I know that I’m harshing your mellow. I know that I’m driving my Exploder along at a sedate, grandfatherly 85 mph, because that’s what the prevailing traffic is running at. I see that you’ve flashed your lights at me. Yes, I saw that, again. Now that makes three times.

Guess what? if I get out from in front of you, you will simply have to flash your lights at the van ahead of me, and the semi ahead of her, and so on and so forth. You won’t be getting anywhere any more quickly than you are now.

Here’s a little hint. Do you see that ribbon of highway, just to your left? That’s called ‘The Fast Lane’. There’s nobody in it. I can see at least a mile ahead, and there’s nobody in it for all that distance. Ah, good! You found it! The only thing that could make that any better would be if you had found your turn signal! I know it’s in the car, you used it to flash your lights at me.

Now you can USE all that 126 MPH that your car is capable of. yes, I see your finger, I’m sure you ARE #1.


Ah, I see you’ve met and are having a conversation with Mr Police Officer.

Karma is a stone cold bitch sometimes, isn’t it?