has become progressively more disgusted with the political process, and it’s no wonder. The trouble is, removing yourself from the process means that the process becomes rife with retards, the corrupt, and the rent seeking.

This is the legacy we leave our children: A land worse than we found it.

Every boyscout knows: “Take only pictures. Leave only footprints” Every farmer knows his livlihood depends on maintaining and if possible improving the land, and not destroying it. Good hunters are by their nature conservationists, doing the things required to make the hunting better next year, and the year after that, and so on.

Why do we not feel the same husbandry towards our nation? Why are we content to allow our political process be despoiled and do nothing to change it? The nature of the process is to change, and it has done so, slowly, evolving through the years into something th founders would not recognize. If you don’t like this, what are you doing about it? Do you honestly think that doing nothing will improve anything? If you don’t make every effort to increment back- even the tiniest amount- why on earth would you think that it will be easier next time?

IN climbing, gravity and weakness are formidable enemies. Imagine you’re up a wall that you’re trying to climb, and you take the last piton off your carrier, and you notice it’s worn, the eye almost worn through, it was cheaply made, the wedge hardly has any wedge, the metal soft and easily bent. Do you just drop back down to the last piton by default, because it”s better to fall than to be supported by something weak? it’s a long fall that could be fatal. No, you drive that piton in where you can, and you use the small breathing room it gives you to cast about for better holds. That’s what we got, an inappropriate cleat that we don’t want- but not driving it home is going to result in things getting worse.

Every day you should ask yourself what you can do to fix this shit. Just going about your business isn’t making anything better, and as Wingnuthead has threatened, it won’t result in anyone’s prosperity.

Not one person has come forward with a solid argument that shows how not voting will fix a damned thing. So far, every explanation has been pique and ego. “They’re not getting MY vote, I’ll show those bastards!” Those bastards aren’t afraid that you won’t vote, they’re afraid that you will. You not voting fills them with unmitigated glee. As for me, I’m driving the piton in the rock, and hanging on, and using everything I have to find a better way. I don’t see how the nobility of dangling at the end of a rope, helpless, is somehow morally superior. I’ll take survival over submission every day.