The Canadian Gun Registry Clusterfuck began in the 90’s and was supposed to cost a predicted million bucks. By around 2006 it was already over a billion bucks poured down a rathole, and even the cops disliked it. Witness this statement by the Ontario Provincial Police commisioner Julian Fantino:

We have an ongoing gun crisis including firearms-related homicides lately in Toronto, and a law registering firearms has neither deterred these crimes nor helped us solve any of them. None of the guns we know to have been used were registered, although we believe that more than half of them were smuggled into Canada from the United States. The firearms registry is long on philosophy and short on practical results considering the money could be more effectively used for security against terrorism as well as a host of other public safety initiatives.”

So now they’ve decided to trash it. All but the liberal frogs in Quebec.

When faced with the overwhelming defeat of a stupid measure enabled by stupid people and enforced on the law abiding while ignoring the criminal, liberals always double down on stupid.