Is this gem from Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. You know, Trayvons mom&dad.


Justice for our son Trayvon: ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws must be reviewed.

Look, you morons, “Stand your ground” laws are used more often BY blacks, and protect MORE blacks than whites.

And do you know who those ‘Stand your ground laws” protect those blacks from? OTHER BLACKS.
Due to the ongoing efforts by race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson you’re in precious little danger from us ‘Crazy Crackers” because we know if we so much as SAY anything we will get branded as RACISSS!! and the whole weight of the NAACCP* will come down on us like a ton of bricks.

Sign Tracy and Sybrina’s Petition


Last year, our son Trayvon Martin was stalked, chased down and killed by George Zimmerman, and Zimmerman received no punishment whatsoever. That’s in large part because Florida is one of at least 21 states with some form of ‘Stand Your Ground’ law which enables people like George Zimmerman to claim self-defense.

Let me correct that for you. Last year, your thug son who you never even NOTICED until he became THE BIGGEST PAYDAY OF YOUR LIFE was headed out to buy some cough syrup to get stoned on, and a neighborhood watch guy WATCHING THE NEIGHBORHOOD, went OUT OF HIS WAY to make sure the neighborhood was safe, and YOUR THUG SON KNOCKED HIM DOWN AND TRIED TO BEAT HIM TO DEATH but he didn’t realize he was fucking with the wrong vato. There, that’s better.

‘Stand Your Ground’ was never meant to give aggressors the opportunity to get away with murder, but that is what happened when our son Trayvon was killed. After Trayvon’s death, law enforcement used the law as an excuse to refuse to arrest George Zimmerman. Even worse, the jury in the case was instructed to think of what Zimmerman did as self-defense, even though Zimmerman ignored instructions from the police and instigated conflict with our son, who was just trying to get home to his father.

yeah, he’s just an innocent little choirboy, wasn’t he? No matter how many times you tell these ignorant lies, they will continue to be ignorant lies. Zimmerman wasn’t a racist, and he acted in self defense. the courts proved that though the whole thing was a lynching from the beginning. That race card is getting pretty worn, and it’s not like Visa anymore.

We are shocked and heartbroken by the jury’s decision to allow our son’s killer to go free. Despite our despair, we must honor Trayvon’s legacy by doing all that we can to protect other young people from being targeted, pursued, and senselessly murdered.

let me straighten that one out for you as well, I see you got it wrong too.

‘We are shocked and heartbroken that we couldn’t race bait this into the lynching of an innocent man, but most of all we are terrified our 15 minutes of fame will be over soon so we have to take up some noble sounding cause so we can continue to cash in on the death of this thug we whelped”

there, that’s more accurate.

We started a petition on calling on 21 governors whose states have some form of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws to review those laws and amend them so that people who instigate conflicts — people like George Zimmerman — won’t be able to use these laws to get away with murder.

Well, first off, it was a clear cut case of self defense. Second, Zimmerman did not instigate the conflict, and a jury and a court stacked against Zimmerman proved that to be the case. Finally, remember that those ‘Stand your ground’ laws protect against what, again? Class? Altogether now: “Black on black violence”

We are not the only ones calling for ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws to be reviewed. President Obama spoke out on the need for review, and prominent Republicans like Senator John McCain have joined him. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s not ‘black’ or ‘white’ issue, it’s a wrong and right issue.

Well, in this respect, you’re absolutely correct. You are wrong, for every meaning of the word, and the Stand your Ground laws are right, and should be the law of the WHOLE land, not just 21 states.

This is a matter of making sure that no other family will ever have to go through what we have been through. No parents should ever have to know what it feels like to watch your child’s killer walk free.

let me fix that one for you too. “This is a matter of making sure that we can raise all the worthless thugs we want, and they will be free to commit whatever crime they want, without fear of being brought to any kind of justice, ever.” There, I fixed it.

Our hearts broke on the night of February 26, 2012 when George Zimmerman killed our son — and we were stunned and devastated when the police refused to arrest Zimmerman. We petitioned for Zimmerman’s arrest on, and after more than 2 million people joined our call, Zimmerman was charged with our son’s murder. We felt so much closer to justice for Trayvon, and so grateful for the support of those who signed our petition.

You really do seem to have a problem typing. Let me proofread this a little for you. ‘Our hearts swelled when we found out how much we could cash in on the death of the little thug we were raising, and we were taken aback by the support we got from other thugs and criminals and ambulance chasing dirtbags ” yeah, much better.

But on July 13, 2013, our hearts broke again when the jury set Zimmerman free. Our hearts broke because it is so hard to accept that we can’t protect Trayvon anymore. But we can fight to make sure that this never happens again.

yep, it has to be hard to be a parent and see your kid turn into a thug who gets his ass handed to him by someone who brought a gun to a fistfight. But then, of course, this would rely on you being parents, and not just absentee caretakers who let the thugs run free. the only way to really make sure that this will “never happen again” is to raise decent children.

Please sign our petition calling for a thorough review of all ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws to prevent killers like George Zimmerman from going free.

This of course relies on all of you being ignorant enough to not know that ‘Stand your ground” was not even an ISSUE in this case, so by no means should you look at the facts, just our impassioned pleas to stay in the limelight so we can ride our dead thug’s son’s body to as much fame and fortune as we can get.

We want to say thank you to all of you who have stood up for our son. Because of all your efforts, Trayvon’s life is celebrated all over the world. Please continue to stand with us as we fight to ensure that his legacy is to leave behind a safer and more peaceful world for all our sons and daughters.


*National Association of African Crazy Cracker Punishers