for Thewriterinblack, who has mad skilz, and who is SURE that heavy industry as we know it now is not needed and will change by some new magic laws of physics he has discovered.

Without rancor, and to avoid you having to go to Sarah Hoyts place and read through miles of comments, Sara posits that individuals have the power to do a great deal- that life will still be possible on a micro rather than a macro scale, that the social engineering Marxists want to do can not stop the individual from doing things on a “Cottage” level. (There is a lot more to the post, but this was my takeaway bit)

Anyway, I pointed out that there are still the products of heavy industry that require the ability of heavy industry- you can make a rifle, or a toaster, or a micrometer by yourself at home, assuming you have the tools and are able to acquire the knowledge, but there are things that require heavy industry, and will always require heavy industry. Several people have taken issue with this, and predictably, they are people who have no idea how the actual world works. I have invited them here to discuss this, but I expect crickets. Most of that specific type of troll will never get out from behind the safety of mama’s skirt.