One of the things you notice in Blogdom, is the preponderance of geeks. I know this comes as a surprise to some, but it is true.

Now, I don’t mean just computer geeks, though there are plenty of those, I mean geeks in general. Law geeks. Gun geeks. Law/gun geeks. Food geeks. Stereo geeks. Cigar geeks. Sports geeks. Fishing geeks. Hunting geeks. Lacrosse geeks. Snowmobile geeks.

What is amazing about these geeks, coming, as they do from every walk of life, every social and political divide, is that they all speak a common language. Python.

yes, bring thirty assorted geeks into a room, with no overlapping geekiness between them, and they won’t say a word to each other, until someone says “ni!”

then, you have a riot on your hands. At least four will begin to prance around on imaginary horses while others pair off to do the Parrot sketch. one person will be grumbling about how he doesn’t want to go on the cart, and another will be yelling “bring out your dead” while a group of four will find a cat and try to confuse it.

When the archaeologists of the next mllennia dig up our remains to study, they’ll find a knight in armor with a rubber chicken, and wonder what it means.

We’ll know.
UPDATE: How on EARTH could I post about Python without linking to Dennis the peasant and his fine “axis of asshole” contest.

Of course, I was repressing him.