On the Vatican, on the reasons Benedict left, etc.

An awful lot of us have known all of this all along, I’m afraid.

Which is why I am quick to point out that Catholics do not choose our “Leaders”, they are chosen for us. The system is precisely feudal and based on royalty, this is why bishops are addressed as “Your Excellency” and cardinals as “Your Eminence”.

We have been extremely lucky that for a good deal of my life we have had benevolent leaders, but that day is over. The painful truth is that an overlarge portion of the clergy is- as Ann Barnhardt calls “Homosexualist Marxist”

Do not forget that there are still a lot of decent clergy. Do not forget that there are still some decent Christians on the planet.

Sadly, I fear that that number is on the order of 50-80,000 actual Christians. I wish I could actually count myself among their number.

The world we allow to exist normalizes perversion, glorifies human sacrifice, and promotes greed. We have earned this world of filth.

Join me, if you will, in praying this simple prayer each night as you go to sleep:

“Lord, make me an instrument of Your Will”

And know that if He chooses to do so, your life as you know it will be ripped to shreds.