with having any comprehension of what science is and what the scientific method entails, is the immediate recognition of bullshit when you see it. This isn’t what most would think of as a problem, but it prevents you from being able to watch stuff like “Cosmos” without the overwhelming desire to elvis the TV set.

If you didn’t expect this to be a Malthusian leftist propaganda piece, you should have been clued in by wingnuthead flapping his cocksocket by way of introduction to it. And the language, which was typically leftist: “Those trees from ancient forest became coal which both powers and imperils us” Sure, you monkey. In the way Oxygen imperils us. Our civilization is far more in danger from oxygen than it is from coal , but we have to point out that coal is icky and bad.

yes, it was slick and well produced. it is already full of scientific contradictions which anyone with a brain can see, and it is specifically designed and has been rewritten to pound home the already discredited message of anthropogenic climate change. Tyson is no dummy, scientifically, but he has also fallen into the trap of providing the answers his financial benefactors want to hear.

In a segment of the program he waxes nostalgic about his meeting with Sagan, and does everything but recollect the fondness with which he wiped off his chin after the meeting. The irony is not lost on me that that old commie Sagan bleated on about Climate Change in the original- but that bleating was about the Nuclear Winter we were all facing if we didn’t change our ways.

Damned fools. This- not walmartians- is why the race is doomed.