Look, I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. The church is not the clergy, it is not the pope, it is not the deacons or the nuns.

The church is us. The church is the body of the faithful, whose purpose is to keep the faith.

We have had a run of pretty good popes, and it seems we have an idiot again. Jesuits do tend to wander off the reservation. If you think having a nutty pope is a new thing, look at Urban 6 or Innocent 4, or- G-d forbid- Alexander 6, who plunged the papacy into a pile of shit it took generations to recover from.

We don’t choose the clergy. They are a monarchy. Sometimes you get good ones, sometimes you get morons. That doesn’t confront me, nor my Christianity. It shouldn’t yours either. This too will pass. Catholicism will go on.

The argument can be made that the Church gets crappy leaders when Catholics walk away from their faith. That argument may be dead on. I don’t know the mind of the creator, but I think if I wanted a people to self-affirm their faith and make their faith stronger, I would provide them with adversity. Give them a reason to reach out to the Creator. But I’m kind of a dick like that.