“There are stupid people everywhere. Tell me there are no stupid people in your office”
Me:”There are no stupid people in my office.”
“That’s not what you’ve said”
Me: “Even the very worst of my co-workers could think circles around most people”

I work with a very talented group of folks, most downright brilliant, some merely gifted. None are one dimensional, they all have varied talents and hobbies, and some are quite fascinating.

I’m not surprised by the number of one trick ponies out there. And I don’t care, really, if youre a one trick pony and you do your one trick very well, good for you. Actors tend to be very shallow and one dimensional in real life because they are by their profession blank slates on which others write stories.

I object to those one dimensional folks attempting to tell me what is true and what isn’t. If you think “Racism” when you hear “Tea Party”, you are not only wrong, you are deliberately, willfully wrong. You have chosen a “Belief” (There’s that word again, that I dislike so much) rather than choosing to learn the truth. That is definitive prejudice, and is a good candidate for being a definition of evil. it’s no different than the people who dismissed Sarah Palin out of hand because of the “education” about her they got from the MSM.

I consider myself an idiot, compared to a great number of my friends; however, sadly, I figure I’m smarter than most of the people I know.

This is not bragging, nor does it make me happy.