In a couple spots over the last couple days, and yesterday in conversation, I’ve been prompted to think of favorite classical pieces; Tam thinks the Messiah (or the Ninth) is the piece we should play to impress aliens, some of my friends are particular fans of Wagner, I especially like Ode to Joy portion of the ninth- which should be obvious by the title of the post.

So yootoobing around last night, I stumbled on this:

I mean, I like the piece a lot, naturally, (other than the much overdone toccatta, which has been pimped so much it has become annoying to me) but the Fugue, which begins at around 3:10, is the part that makes me tune out everything else, so much so that it’s moderately dangerous for me to drive while listening to it.
This version, which I’ve never heard before, can only accurately be described as haunting.

As an aside: I sing the Ode to Joy everytime I take a dead machine and bring it back to life. A wierd little affectation I use to promote fear and confusion in my customers.